Versus Card Design Project
In 2010, I took part in a design competition to have my work included in a set of playing cards designed by various illustrators from around the south west of England. They were used to raise the profile of the artists involved and sent to design companies in the area, as well as being made available for sale to the public.
In 2010, designer Dave Ashby started the Versus Project – an illustration project for South West-based illustrators where you had to design a set of cards for a playing card pack. 13 artists were chosen, including myself, each taking on a numbered set to design (e.g. queen, jack, 4′s etc). I designed the 2′s.
I was also one of the judges for the 2011 panel that assisted in choosing which artists were featured. As well as judging, I also did a card design, although it didn't count as an entry. My choice was the ace of spades aka. the “Death card”.
Each year, the winning designs were shown at an exhibition where the packs of cards and larger prints of the designs could be purchased and seen by the public.
My 2010 designs were all based on themes to do with the number 2. In order, they are: The Lovers, The Twins, Two pieces of my broken heart, and Good VS Evil.
The Lovers
The Twins
Two pieces of my broken heart
Good VS Evil
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