Amelia's Magazine
Some editorial illustrations I did in 2010 for the online magazine, Amelia's Magazine.
In 2010, I did some editorial illustrations for Amelia's Magazine - the first one was for an interview with the lead singer of the band Saint Saviour, Becky Jones; the second was for a natural beauty products company called Shea Alchemy.
A link to the original Saint Saviour interview can be found here.
I hand-drew the image of Becky, then imported that into Illustrator to add colour; next I popped it into Photoshop to add the bright paint-style background.
A link to the original Shea Alchemy article can be found here.
A similar process to the Saint Saviour design, I hand-drew all of the elements for these two images, putting them into Illustrator to colour and adding textures and backgrounds with Photoshop.
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